For your convenience, my client’s most common questions are answered right here.



Q-I don’t know how to find a good mover.

A-It depends on if you’re making a short move (across town) or a long move (cities, states or even between countries).
Start by asking friends for references-then head to Yelp or Nextdoor.com next. You can also ask your local storage facility-they deal with movers all of the time and can refer you to good local ones.



Q-Should I sell or rent my house?

A-Complicated question-are you buying in your new location? If so then you might want to use the proceeds from your old house for the next one. Or, are you looking to build wealth for the future? Are you willing to deal with tenants, overflowing toilets, etc. or hire a mgt. company to rent your home out ? Ask your financial adviser first about your own unique situation.




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