Athletic Services & Advice

Our passion is to help athletes becomes happier people. We offer a diverse range of services all geared towards our client’s needs. We want to help people live more intelligently as well as assist in keeping an athlete’s life less stressful.


Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Set up and break down of household. This includes being ‘boots on the ground’ -hiring movers, making sure to be onsite to free up the athlete and his/her family if needed. Setting up households from the athlete’s own items to buying and setting up from bed sheets to silverware.
  • Do you need to move immediately and need things fixed, either to get a deposit back or for sale? I can personally hire qualified handymen, supervise and get it done. I can also hire house stagers if needed to get a faster sale.
  • I know that parents often stay with an injured athlete, but I also know that they cannot stay forever due to jobs and other responsibilities. We can be their stand in-making sure that doctor’s appointments were made and met, shopping, driving, bill paying and the thousand and one little things that need to be done while an athlete is out.
  • In regards to young athletes hailing from overseas- We know that most foreign athletes are placed with player’s families. However, if there was ever a need I could be there to help them assimilate in their new home. We can assist them in setting up a place to live independently, and ease them through the transition of American life. This includes learning American traffic laws, where to shop, basic life/household skills (laundry, phone set up, internet/tv set up.) and set up grocery delivery/local shopping etc. until they’re comfortable. We can even teach them how to drive/get their American license if necessary. We can also help with beginning English as an assist to formal tutoring.
  • Emergency pet sitting.
  • Chaperoning children on flights.
  • Advice-including personal or general



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