About Kris

Kris Fetter, owner and founder of LINK



My dad was retired Navy and a minister and we moved every 2 years. I learned at my mother’s knee how to have a successful move.

After four different high schools in 2 different states I proudly followed my dad’s footsteps and joined the US Navy.  I lived in Keflavik, Iceland, La Maddelena, Sardinia and Charleston, SC. and during that time traveled all over Europe. I served as a military policeman, customs agent, and Supply. The Navy is where I learned security,  leadership and organization.

Working at an international Montessori school in South Carolina I wore many hats including administration, assistant teacher for 4th-7th grade, substitute teacher from infant classes to lower elementary, bus driver and after school kid wrangler before moving back to southern California be closer to my family.

This past March I facilitated my own move, while working full time, in 3 weeks, moving from San Diego, CA to Charlotte, NC. This included movers, a pod, shipping a car and dog.

I’m a San Diego Gulls fan, and since I moved to Charlotte, a Charlotte Checkers fan. My favorite NHL players are Patrick Kane and Jaromir Jagr.

Proud mama of two of the best kids on the planet.

I’m an admitted nerd ( I dressed as General Leia Organa at the latest SD Comic Con), a voracious reader, root for the Carolina Panthers, am a hockey acolyte and a LGBT advocate.

I have the ability to jump on a plane at a moments notice to meet an athlete.  To be there and help facilitate common sense solutions to everyday, and not so everyday problems. I can stay as long or as short, as the athlete needs.”







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